The Internet

I had never heard the phrase Web 2.0 before this week. I think that I never really thought about it because if I ever see an old website or an old style website, I think “Wow, that is old.” I grew up with the Internet, so the Internet is just something that has always been there for me. It has evolved a bit, but I have never really known anything before the relative state of the Internet now. Things like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat were really the only new wave that I saw. Twitch is also a new form of the internet that I was unfamiliar with because it is one thing to post videos to a website, but it was a great innovation to allow people to livestream things over the Internet, especially for the everyday person. There are a few other great innovations with the internet like LinkedIn with job opportunities, finance things, and accessing government utilities through the Internet that I feel have been pretty essential.

Here are two websites that I found that list a timeline of important milestones of the Internet:



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